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UBS Bolsters M&A Team with Barclays’ Hinton at the Helm

UBS has named Jeff Hinton, a previous Barclays leader, as co-head of consolidations and acquisitions (M&A) in a unit shake-up. Hinton will lead the M&A group close by Marco Valla, who was likewise recruited from Barclays in April 2023. The move is essential for UBS’s continuous endeavors to reshape the authority of its speculation bank.

UBS Keeps on reshaping Its Speculation Bank

UBS has been rolling out critical improvements to its speculation bank lately. In 2021, the bank declared that it would be combining its abundance the executives and speculation banking divisions to make another unit called Worldwide Banking and Markets. The move was essential for UBS’s endeavors to smooth out its activities and further develop productivity. In April 2023, UBS reported that it had recruited three senior speculation financiers from Barclays, including Hinton and Valla. Barclays has continued to hire, with at least seven senior investment bankers leaving in May 2023 to join UBS.

Jeff Hinton’s Experience

Jeff Hinton is a carefully prepared speculation broker with more than 20 years of involvement with the business. He joined Barclays in 2010 and was most as of late the co-head of M&A for the Americas. Before joining Barclays, Hinton worked at Lehman Siblings and Credit Suisse. Hinton has dealt with various high-profile bargains all through his profession, including the $67 billion consolidation among Dell and EMC in 2015 and the $26 billion consolidation among Run and T-Versatile in 2020.

UBS’s M&A Business

UBS is one of the world’s driving M&A guides, with a solid history of educating on some concerning the biggest and most complex arrangements on the lookout. The investment banking division of the bank also includes leveraged finance, corporate banking, equity and debt capital markets, and the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) business. As of late, UBS has been zeroing in on becoming its M&A business, especially in the US. To enhance its ability to make deals, the bank has been bringing in senior bankers from rival businesses and investing in technology.


UBS’s choice to name Jeff Hinton as co-head of M&A is important for the bank’s continuous endeavors to reshape its venture bank and become its M&A business. Hinton’s broad involvement with the business and history of dealing with high-profile bargains make him an important expansion to UBS’s group. As UBS keeps on putting resources into its speculation banking division, it will be fascinating to perceive how the bank’s M&A business develops and whether it can keep on contending with other driving M&A guides on the lookout.

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