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Hard Hit for Cavs: Tristan Thompson Out for 25 Games

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson has been suspended for 25 games by the NBA for violating the league’s anti-drug program. Thompson tested positive for growth hormone, which is considered a performance-enhancing drug. The suspension will be without pay and will start on January 24, 2024. Thompson has not yet reacted to the suspension. This is a significant blow for the Cavaliers, as Thompson is a key player for the team. It remains to be seen what this will mean for Thompson’s career, as testing positive for PEDs can be difficult to recover from.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson has been suspended without pay for 25 games for violating the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) anti-drug program. The 32-year-old Toronto native tested positive for ibutamoren and SARM LGD-4033. Thompson will begin serving his suspension on Wednesday, January 24, when the Cavs visit the Milwaukee Bucks.

Positive Drug Test

Thompson tested positive for ibutamoren, a growth hormone, and SARM LGD-4033, commonly used by bodybuilders and weightlifters for muscle enhancement. The NBA’s anti-drug program prohibits the use of performance-enhancing substances, and violations can result in suspensions and fines.

Impact on the Team

The Cavs released a statement expressing their disappointment in the news surrounding Thompson and acknowledging that his absence will have an impact on the team. Thompson is averaging 3.8 points and 3.9 rebounds in 36 games this season. His suspension will affect the team’s bench depth, as they have managed to steer around injuries to starters Darius Garland and Evan Mobley.

Thompson’s Career

Tristan Thompson was selected by Cleveland with the fourth pick of the 2011 NBA Draft and won an NBA title with the team. He has also played for the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, and Los Angeles Lakers. Thompson returned to Cleveland last September.

Suspension Details

Tristan Thompson can practice, travel, and be at the team facility during his suspension. On game days, he will be allowed at the arena until two hours before game time. He will be eligible to return on March 16 against the Houston Rocket.

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