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On the High Seas: Indian Navy Takes Action After Hijack Scare on Liberia-Flagged Bulk Carrier

The Indian Navy has taken swift action in response to a hijack attempt on the Liberian-flagged MV Lila Norfolk bulk carrier in the Arabian Sea. Here is an informative overview of the incident and the Indian Navy’s response.

Hijack Attempt and Rescue Operation

On January 4, 2024, the MV Lila Norfolk reported an unauthorized boarding by around five to six armed individuals, suspected to be pirates, about 460 nautical miles off Somalia.┬áThe Indian Navy promptly deployed a warship and a patrol aircraft to the Arabian Sea after the vessel sent a distress message.┬áThe navy’s quick response led to the safe evacuation of 21 crew members from the targeted bulk carrier.

Swift Intervention

The Indian Navy’s rapid deployment of a warship and patrol aircraft underscores its commitment to ensuring the safety of merchant shipping in the region. The navy’s coordinated efforts with other agencies and the Maritime Task Force (MNF) demonstrate a proactive approach to maritime security.

Crew Evacuation and Ongoing Monitoring

Following the deployment, Indian navy commandos boarded the vessel and safely evacuated the crew members, including 15 Indian nationals, after monitoring the carrier’s movements for several hours. The navy’s patrol aircraft established contact with the crew and continues to monitor the carrier’s activities, while the naval ship is providing support to restore power to the vessel.


The Indian Navy’s decisive response to the hijack attempt on the MV Lila Norfolk reflects its unwavering commitment to safeguarding the waters in the region and ensuring the security of maritime trade. The successful evacuation of the crew members and ongoing monitoring of the situation demonstrate the navy’s readiness to address threats to seafarers and commercial shipping.This comprehensive overview provides insights into the recent hijack attempt on the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier and the Indian Navy’s effective response, highlighting the importance of maritime security in the Arabian Sea.

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